Case Studies

Quality Redefined

Whether we are building a PCB assembly, cable or electromechanical assembly, we are committed to quality every step of the way.


On-time delivery at Spinnaker means exceeding our customers' expectations.


We immediately create value for our customers.

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These true-story examples of the dedication and capabilities of Team Spinnaker help you better understand our commitment to exceeding our customers’ expectations.

Defense and Homeland Security


The customer, a U.S. Defense contractor, suddenly received a request for an assembly used in the field by U.S. soldiers stationed in both Iraq and Afghanistan. These assemblies required 5,000 Specialized RF Filters to be built and delivered within 30 days, and with full functional testing performed. The high mix and complexity of the filter had typically required much of the work to be performed by hand. The lack of notice and short lead time also served as another obstacle for this Defense Priority 1 assignment. Spinnaker’s team rose to the challenge!



Our customer could not absorb the changing demand of their market in a timely fashion. With the risk of stocking excess inventory and building defective products, we offered to leverage our buying power using our Supply Chain Management system and take over the manufacturing of more than 130 different assemblies. They accepted!