Quality & Engineering

Flying Probe

We have the ability to take test to the next level, bringing you to market faster and with greater reliability.

Assembly Test

Quality procedures, processes and functional test create lean dock-to-stock inventory solutions for our customers.

Detail is Paramount

Our attention to detail is measurable.

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Quality & Engineering

Whether working on a new product introduction, tackling a short-turn critical order, or delivering a turnkey solution to our customers, Spinnaker Contract Manufacturing is committed to manufacturing excellence when building to our customers’ documentation and direction. Spinnaker diligently identifies and incorporates all customer requirements at the onset of every job. Throughout the process, we encourage dialog with our customers to establish clear quality and delivery expectations.

We create suitable quality plans and processes that are analyzed and measured at appropriate intervals to:

  • Ensure the early detection of problems
  • Identify opportunities for cost reductions
  • Achieve quality improvement
  • Establish statistical controls and evaluations
  • Guarantee satisfaction with the product we deliver

At Spinnaker, we differentiate ourselves from our competition by providing:

  • Exemplary customer service
  • Manufacturing discipline
  • Rigorous test and inspection
  • Scheduling and delivery flexibility
  • Immediate Traceability

Automated Optical Inspection (AOI)

In ensuring the accuracy of placement and soldering, AOI is a powerful tool both for continuous process monitoring and to filter out defects for repair. With every PCB assembly, the first board passes through AOI and human inspection prior to continuing production. By ensuring that these quality standards are adhered to throughout the organization, we have been successful in increasing yields and quality for our customers.


Let our skilled technicians work with you to meet your quality goals!