Materials and Logistics

Materials and Logistics


Supply chain management is the single largest challenge for any OEM focused on building quality products on time and at the best price.  As supply chain specialists, we rate our services to you on the ability to source components and commodities from the best price, most responsive and flexible suppliers in the market. We continuously evaluate our suppliers on price, quality, delivery and response. In turn, these controls allow us to effectively and efficiently deliver to our customers a competitive advantage.

Materials management goes far beyond sourcing; At Spinnaker, you will find the following advantages:

  • Sophisticated material scheduling with our custom MRP system
  • Automated material procurement strategies for zero shortages
  • Special handling storage and transportation
  • Complete material traceability
  • Fully controlled inventory
  • Excel inventory exports available for all our customers
  • Excess material controlled and voided at site of manufacture
  • Automated shipment notification

Request that Spinnaker manage your material to improve your bottom line!