Materials and Logistics

Let our team get you to market faster - we have the technology you need and service you can trust.

Flying Probe

We have the ability to take test to the next level, bringing you to market faster and with greater reliability.


On-time delivery at Spinnaker means exceeding our customers' expectations.

PCB Test

We can create test solutions for each individual design.


Calibrated and automated equipment to better serve your needs.

Assembly Test

Quality procedures, processes and functional test create lean dock-to-stock inventory solutions for our customers.

New Product Introduction

Every new product introduction gets the attention is deserves from our dedicated team members - we get you to market faster.

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Services We Offer

Adapting to the rapid shifts in technology and industry requirements, Spinnaker gives your business an edge over the competition. We build trust with our clients from day one and allow them to focus on product development and business growth, not manufacturing. Our core competency is electronics contract manufacturing, and, with some of the fastest equipment in New England, our technology and team get your product to market faster. Our Materials Requirement Planning  (MRP) solution keeps us flexible and efficient, passing savings on to you. Our commitment to Quality ensures the highest reliability from your product.

Juggling the requirements of your customers with multiple sub-systems? Maintaining supplier management and control domestically and globally isn’t easy. Our systems work with your suppliers and our suppliers and partners to pledge quality work to you and your customers. Kanban relationships, large capital requirements, quality product and test are all present at Spinnaker. We have the tools to manage final process in a lean environment with great flexibility.

We build quality electronic assemblies, from prototypes to full production runs. We can work with your team at all phases of a project, from development to build, including design for manufacturing. We use an outstanding data-driven infrastructure to support the process from quote, to plan, build, test, and final delivery.  We help mature products earlier by choosing the correct raw material suppliers for your needs; we manage and monitor them statistically to ensure that you end up with superior supplies.

PCB Assembly

Spinnaker’s Surface Mount Technology (SMT) division is capable of placing over one million parts per week with two independent production lines and four placement machines. We are capable of quick quote turns in as short as one day with consigned material, and can deliver a turnkey product in three to five days. Dual sided, ridged and flexible PCB assemblies are specialties of ours. For a complete equipment list and detailed descriptions of our services and capabilities, see PCB Assembly.

Cables and Harnesses

Cable and wire harness assembly is where Spinnaker Contract Manufacturing got its start in 1976. We specialize in the manufacture of discrete, low- to medium-volume cable assemblies, wire harnesses, and multi-conductor cable assemblies. We have the tooling and applicators to build cables and harnesses at extremely competitive prices.

Constantly investing in new tooling, we build sub-level cable systems competitively and locally to our customer’s exact specifications and test requirements. Similar to PCBA and final assembly, our quality and process engineering allows for the highest quality product possible. Hi-pot, continuity, point-2-point, and functional testing are just some of the tests we do to ensure a zero defect product every time. Read more…

Electromechanical Assemblies

Integration of our services come together in our electromechanical assembly team. Our capabilities in PCB assemblies, custom cable and wire harnesses, and enclosures allow our clients a dock-to-stock product. Our ability to perform functional and mechanical tests to strict specifications allows for a turnkey processes under one roof. Wireless infrastructure, RF, commercial, government, aerospace, instrumentation and medical and semiconductor markets all use our final assembly system and many of our customers actually prefer that we ship our final assemblies to their end customers. Read More…

Materials and Logistics

Materials management goes far beyond sourcing.  Here are some of the logistical advantages you will find at Spinnaker:

  • Sophisticated material scheduling with our custom MRP system
  • Automated material procurement strategies for zero shortages
  • Special handling storage and transportation
  • Compete material traceability
  • Fully controlled inventory
  • Excel inventory exports available for all our customers
  • Excess material controlled and voided at site of manufacture
  • Automated shipment notification

Request that Spinnaker manage your material to improve your bottom line! Read More…

Test Solutions

When it comes to test solutions, Spinnaker Contract Manufacturing delivers a wide range of test solutions to meet your specific needs. With Automated Optical Inspection (AOI), RF test, flying probe and full functional test, we are able to bring your product to the next level. With electromechanical assemblies, we offer full functional testing of sub-assemblies and final system assemblies.  Our cables and wire harnesses are all capable of being tested by every industry standard test available. Read More…

Flying Probe

The Newest addition to our team, the Acculogic SPRINT 4510, allows us to tackle the next generation of test and QA challenges you may have. We offer flying probe testing as part of our manufacturing process or as a single service to those that demand the added reliability that flying probe testing has to offer. Read More…

New Product Introduction

Spinnaker has invested significantly in our NPI team and process to deliver the best service and support available. We know that our success is directly linked to the success of our clients and we serve their best interests. Listening intently to our clients and asking the right questions, our NPI team will make the difference, saving time in development and prototype testing.  Supply chain management for products at the beginning of their life-cycle, and your ramp up to production manufacturing will be best served at Spinnaker. Contact our friendly customer service today to discuss your next challenge. Read More…